The Top 3 problems when ordering prescription swimming goggles

James Sutton

Monday mornings usually begin with a flurry of emails and calls regarding your weekend prescription goggle orders.

Some orders are annotated in the office, others go back and forth to the packing room. 

So what’s the problem? 

Usually by accident (and it’s easily done) you’ve ordered minus instead of plus power lenses and vice versa.

Occasionally, we spot that you’ve ordered one plus and one minus lens (which can be correct) but often is also an error. 

And then there’s usually a few addresses needing amendment too.

Rest assured, we do our utmost to make these orders exactly right for you and all shipped by the end of the day. It can be challenging but we feel it’s an integral part of our service and why we won Team of the Year at Banbury Employee of the Year Awards. 

To experience award winning service at its best, keep in touch via [email protected] or call 0845 643 0796.

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“As an optometrist and regular swimmer, I enjoy sourcing a wide range of goggles and masks to help you see well in the pool, sea or spa.”

James Sutton (MCOptom)
Founder of Prescription Swimming Goggles

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