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Links to various information resources about swimming, swimming clubs, diving and other water activities along with links to our other websites.

Swimming Governing Bodies

Swimming Teachers Association (STA)

Scottish Swimming

Welsh Swimming

Irish Swimming

British Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association

British Long Distance Swimming Association

Swimming Clubs/Schools

Easy Swim

National Federation of Swim School

Water Babies

Swim Easy

Swimming Without Stress

Water Sports Websites

BCU - British Canoe Union

Brit Surf - The official British surfing association

British Water Ski - The home of water skiing in the UK

JRSA - Jetsport Racing Association of Great Britain

RYA - Royal Yachting Association

Surf Kraft

Snorkeling/Diving Websites

British Sub-Aqua Club

Scottish Sub Aqua Club

Scuba Schools International

Other Water Related Websites

South Wales Pool and Spa

Our other websites

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A real ‘site’ for sore eye, Butterflies Eyecare sells an incredible range of over 200 products to help relieve a range of eye health issues. This includes: eye drops for dry eyes; lid care wipes and solution for blepharitis; vitamin and mineral supplements for macular degeneration; plus a range of other accessories to promote healthy eyes.

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